Welcome to Harmony Day School where I teach you how to market and advertise your beauty business through online courses. I will show you how I was able to launch and scale my business in 3 years all while in a pandemic.

Spa Services will also be available for training as well. You will be able to enroll in a Spa Course and begin adding new services in your spa the very next day

What you can expect from Harmony Day School:

New courses releasing periodically that you can take part in. You will have full access to courses that you are enrolled in so that you may return and review at any time.

Courses to be released on various topics are as followed:

  1. Spa Treatments such as the Foot Detox, Sauna Detox, Body Contouring and Post Op Treatment sessions etc..
  2. Marketing and Advertising Courses
  3. Content Creation Courses
  4. Business Management

"Very informative and really enlightened me on what's really important"

- BD